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About Us

The Beginning

Dawnstar was created purposefully as a raiding guild in late November 2011 by GM and original founding Member Shadowreaver AKA Airdrawn on the Stormreaver EU (Alliance) Server with a few close-friends.

Dawnstar was created because in his raiding experience, Shadowreaver had experienced many high-level guild environments with a range of different atmospheres, different player skill levels and a number of different leading styles but was never

fully able to find a guild with the right balance of everything. He could never find a guild where he could see himself staying for many years. In his experience, it was quite often to one extreme or another - High Quality raiding guilds tended to have GM's with limited patience and foresight, and not enough control to manage a guild through tough times, or Happy-go-Lucky GM's with an abundance of foresight and positivity, but no control and a lack of vision. Then there were guilds with very hostile atmospheres where there may be a very high percentage of players from one country, and so fitting in wasn't exactly easy.

There was even one guild that he spent some time where making a single joke might cause a demote in case it insulted people!


In Dawnstar, Shadowreaver wanted to create an environment where high-quality players could be in alignment with eachother, but also where there could be freedom to enjoy world of warcraft raiding for what it is, and to actually have a positive, fun, enjoyable atmosphere whilst raiding and whilst doing everything else. Leadership is important but so is community.

In late 2011, Dawnstar started to raid initially with 10 people and started to kill a few bosses in the new Dragon Soul Instance n the Cataclysm Expansion. The Roster size was grown substantially and the guild moved to 25m raiding. 10m never really ever had the same quality or enjoyment as a 25m raid where you can cheer with your fellow raiders on a new progress kill, cheering with 24 other fellow people who have the same interest as you, is quite a powerful thing. You share a connection and a memory.

The Great Ravencrest Migration

Dawnstar made the big move of changing server to Ravencrest EU (Alliance) in early 2012 at around March.

This was done as the server was slowly being eroded as players joined the horde side and most of the top 10 guilds that had big names and noble history disbanded and fell apart, like a building collapsing after being given one final shove. Recruitment was always an issue on Stormreaver due to it's population falling away. Ravencrest had promises. Ravencrest delivered. The sheer abundance of players was quite overwhelming for the officer team and finding skilled players was instantly possible.

Our first taste of End-Game Madness.

The guild started to push for Heroic Progress and slowly but surely the guild started to make its way through the Heroic Dragon Soul Instance. Dawnstar didn't know the meaning of hard bosses until it was met with Spine HC.

Spine was a particularly challenging fight and took a whole 5 weeks to kill. As some kind of sick luck or sense of entitlement, and amusingly enough, Dawnstar managed to 3 shot Deathwing / The Madness of Deathwing very shortly after. The guild had solidified itself as a reasonable, stable place to seek out challenges and progression. The guild ended up ranked at 952 in the world (25m) which for us at the time was a pretty big deal, and isn't too shabby!

Dawnstar versus Deathwing

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