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Shadowreaver / Jul 10, 2016
After a year on hiatus, the World of Warcraft - Ravencrest EU Raiding Guild <Dawnstar> is back.

We are currently recruiting for all classes and specs and are interested in talking to past members,
and any new faces that might be interested in joining our roster for the upcoming LEGION expansion.

Dawnstar was first created in 2011 and has regularly achieved very high world-ranks in 20 and 25 man raiding.
We have covered end-game content between the 12th-17th Tiers and is managed by a GM with over 10 years experience of WoW, and 7+ years experience of leading hardcore and semi-hardcore guilds.

If you're interested in joining us as a past member - please post in this thread.

If you're new to Dawnstar and would like to apply - please apply online here.

We look forward to returning to being a top Ravencrest/European Guild, and hearing from you!