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Since Dawnstar has reformed, we also have some new loot rules.

Before you step into a raid, you will need the following addons:

You need the above addon to provide your response to gear drops - but more about that later.

If you do not have the above add-ons - you will not be able to utilise the EPGP system correctly and therefore will not be able to receive any loot!

The Lootmaster for now is the GM - Shadowreaver.

Loot distribution will be managed as a form of loot-council-esque decision making whilst utilising EPGP as a guide for people's attendance, and how much gear they've received.

You can either need a loot, it's a minor upgrade, greed it, or pass it. Those are your options.

What is epgp?

EPGP or Effort Points / Gear Points is a simple system designed to track the 'attendance' and 'effort' of players, and also the gear that they receive. If you attend a raid, you get 2000 EP. Even if you are on standby, you get 2000EP.
If you are a trial, you also get 2000EP for every raid you attend, standby or not.

GP or Gear Points are decided by the addon and can be changed by the Lootmaster. Some items of gear cost more then others. You may find that a trinket or a weapon cost more then shoulders or feet, for example.

Some things to consider:

  • You may not get the loot that you need. - It's a fact, there are other people in the raid, deal with it and don't make a scene or get upset! you will get your turn!

  • If you are a trial, you will not get loot if a raider needs it, sorry but that good stuff will eventually come to you.
  • If you're a trial, and a BOE drops, that you and only you need for offspec - guess what, you're not getting it! BOEs don't go to offspec's unless you're a raider or above, and can prove that you are wearing the BOE and haven't just sold it!Those BOEs in these kind of cases get sold on the AH and the money goes to the GB for pots, food, and all kinds of good things like this.Remember as a trial, if you are successful and pass your trial - you will probably have a handsome amount of EP and a low GP so you will probably get a good amount of gear after you pass!.

  • How does the Lootmaster know who to give loot to? well - he will ask that his officers attend the officer's room to discuss loot in private, we will share thoughts and ensure that loot goes to the most appropriate player. The Lootmaster also uses a secret tool from AskMRRobot which is a loot relevance guide, for instance it shows the lootmaster how much of an upgrade a particular item is for each raid member that needs it. How cool is that? Really nice if a lot of players have the same amount of EP and GP!!!

  • The science of those weird addons.. By ensuring that you have those 2 addons, a cool new User Interface pops up when loot drops, which means that when the lootmaster wants to find out who needs an item - all the players who can use that item get a chance to vote whether they either 'NEED' it, whether it's a 'MINOR UPGRADE' or if they want to 'GREED' it or 'PASS' it.
  • You'll have about 20 seconds to decide per item so hurry!!

That's pretty much it - if you have any questions please ask Shadowreaver in-game!.
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