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I thought I would make this short guide so that you as a guild member, understand exactly what I expect from you.

You are in the guild, because you have potential.
This means it is important for you to take your raiding with Dawnstar and use it as an opportunity.

This opportunity allows you to show us how brilliant you are, and that you are an intelligent player.

During your time as a raider you should remember to focus your energy and time into ensuring that your 


are the best they can be.

We follow a Traffic light system here at Dawnstar, as you can see from above these key principles are the most important variables we will test you on.

  • You should keep a cool head at all times, if you do not get a raid spot on a reset day - what you gonna do, enrage?
  • You need to feel confident in yourself enough to realise that there are more then 20 people in the guild that can raid, and you will need to compete to the maximum level to retain a spot - how you do it is up to you.

  • Performance is something that goes without saying, you are going to be watched and scrutinized.
  • Some people might wonder why you are using a certain spec or using a talent in a certain way. Why don't you have trinket 'X'?We do not expect you to go to the top of the meters in your first raid, but we do not expect you to be at the bottom of the meters either, this is bad! 


Trial periods are usually 2-4 weeks - you will not get promoted any sooner.

Attendance is simply the most important factor in your trial period or in fact your entire time here at <Dawnstar>.

  • Fail to attend one raid without a VERY valid reason for even one time during your trial period and you are out of the guild and you will not be given a second chance. We do not tolerate people that lie in their applications about 100% attendance. If the GM can make 100% of raids, SO CAN YOU.
  • Lack of attendance ruins guilds and we will not tolerate it here, it is the number 1 thing that is guaranteed to piss off the GM and officers, as you will screw up the roster that we may have planned for the raid.If you cannot attend a raid - tell us at LEAST 3 days in advance and make a post on the attendance forum WITH A REASON.


  • Monday, Tuesday- 19:30 - 23:00 - Be online 30 minutes early to get consumables. Invites regularly start at 19:30 or even earlier. We don't like waiting.

If you don't turn up - performance and attitude won't mean a thing right?

  • How do I sign up for a raid? - Open your calendar ( /calendar ) and look. You will see you get automatically invited to all Raids. You should sign up for 6 or more in advance.

  • If you are unable to attend a raid because someone dies or you are in a coma - this is acceptable and you will be given a green card to not attend - however do not assume we are psychics - we are good but not that good. Please contact your Class leader, Officer or me if you cannot attend. You must give a reason. If we find the reason is not good enough (I want to spend time with my girlfriend) - You will get a black mark against your name, you signed up, you're a trial, deal with it. and remember - the most important thing - because if you don't do this - it doesn't matter if you don't tell an officer:
  • If you cannot attend a raid - tell us at LEAST 3 days in advance and make a post on the attendance forum WITH A REASON.

  • I'm on standby? If you are selected as 'standby' on a raid night, do not go offline. You will get standby EP to recognise the fact that you were available, but you should stay available for the rest of the raid period. Same goes for every other raid where this occurs. If by the end of the sunday raid you are not selected to raid in any of the three raiding days for that week, you have permission to pug, or a 10m HC group will be created for you to get some gear. NEVER complain about being put on standby, it's weak and looks as if you are impatient and only in it for the gear in the longrun. Just accept it, do something else and be available in case someone needs to be replaced in the raid.
  • We may invite all available raiders into the raid initially,to see who is available and we will try to pick the best setup. We will occasionally swap people out if they don't need gear, or if another setup is better. Don't worry, you will always get your turn.

Things you really shouldn't do.

  • Shout or yell for no good reason - seriously knock it off! I can shout louder!

  • Interrupt people when they are saying something - It is extremely rude and will not be tolerated.

  • Speak about anything non-raid related when things are not going well (wipes) - Stop talking and keep it to yourself! You should generally not be talking in teamspeak unless its important.

  • Not speak at all - If you see something bad about to happen, call it, make a decision if you are a healer, use that CD. USE TEAMSPEAK, say something but don't go rambo on the microphone please.
  • Be that guy that knows everything and can correct the GM and officers and all the other guys. Really? No one wants to be that guy, he has no friends!. If you think something is not right, or there is an issue - talk to the GM, giving a suggestion via whisper is awesome. If it's something that is going to improve the raid - use ventrilo!!

  • Attack or verbally abuse a player for bad dps or bad heals - its not your job, leave that to an officer or the GM in-private! Your moaning is only going to make others feel bad and its also pretty unhelpful - we know if someone is under-performing, we don't need 25 smart asses!

  • Not sign up for a raid - really great way to end your raiding career. If you can't attend for a very good reason - select tentative in the calendar - and tell your GM. If you don't tell him, you'll probably get a nasty surprise and a very embarrassing message or chat on teamspeak - not good!

  • Die all the time in a raid - We're not robots! we get it. But not learning and contributing to raid wipes consistently will not look good. Ask yourself - if you keep dying, are you going to be taken back into a raid? NO. Think about it, stop your dps, whatever you are doing and SURVIVE. A good DPS is a DPS alive at the end of the raid. Your raiding buddies will like you a lot more if you are alive then if you die trying to top meters and zoning out into tunnel visions.

  • Create or cause any kind of drama on Teamspeak or Guild Chat, or in personal whispers. Drama is not tolerated AT ALL and it will be dealt with a serious issue that may cause you to risk your raiding rank or trial progress. Any issues, speak to the GM or an officer.

One last thing...

If you want a stable, very friendly atmosphere with good players who are experienced and mature - you will enjoy yourself!

Players are what make us who we are, and we are proud of what we are.
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